In our company responsibility is concentrated in ecology, quality control, continuous measurement of the carbon footprint and recycling of materials.

Modern equioment

Kalliomuovi is constantly modernizing its equipment. The new equipment will be able to use recyclable material more efficiently and better than before. Currently, one third of the products made in Rock Plastic are made from recycled raw materials.

Almost 100% recycling

Kalliomuovi produces thousands of kilometers of different films a year. Of this amount, less than a per cent of the raw material goes to the incinerator. Any waste on the production line due to a change in the width or thickness of the product goes to be re-granulated and then returned to circulation and production. All our films are made from fully recyclable polyethylene.

Quality control

With decades of experience, we know exactly which raw materials make any kind of film. However, a mere gut feel is not enough, and quality is constantly monitored mechanically. Modern machines detect if, for example, the driving values do not match the raw material and give an alarm. Quality assurance also means that all raw materials are tested before they go into production.

Solar energy

We have invested in solar energy and installed a solar power plant in our company’s premises. Solar energy is a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy. This helps us reduce our environmental impact and save energy.

Heat recovery

The company has reduced its carbon footprint by, among other things, investing in heat recovery. The energy recovered from production completely heats the old part of the plant.

Social responsibility

Kalliomuovi carries its social responsibility by, among other things, belonging to Rink. Suomen Pakkauskierr├Ątys RINKI Oy is a non-profit service company founded and owned by Finnish industry and trade in 1997. Rinki arranges the reception, collection and recycling of packaging on behalf of the companies involved.

For more information about Rinki please vist theit website. www.rinkiin.fi

Kalliomuovi has signed Motiva’s energy efficiency agreement. Its goal is to increase the efficiency of energy use in industry, the energy and service sector, the real estate sector, the municipal sector and oil heating properties.

Voluntary agreements are a means chosen jointly by the state and the industries to meet the international energy efficiency obligations imposed on Finland without new legislation or other new coercive measures.
You can find more at: www.motiva.fi/energiatehokkuussopimukset

Kalliomuovi strives to minimize its energy use and reduce its carbon footprint in every location. The company belongs to the Finnish Packaging Association and all packaging used by the company is recyclable.

You can find more at: www.pakkaus.com

Plastic is part of the recycling is a website maintained by the Finnish Plastics Industry Association for recycling plastic, reducing plastic waste and utilizing plastic waste as a material.

Muovikuuluukiertoon.fi provides practical tips on recycling, for example.