The high-quality polyethylene films we produce are suitable for the various needs of industry, construction and agriculture. Our customers include companies and wholesalers in the packaging industry.

High-quality polyethylene films

Good cooperation with our customers and awareness of the needs of the end user enable us to design and manufacture a plastic film that meets the requirements we set in cooperation with our customers with the best properties and quality.

All our products are 100% recyclable and can also be utilized by incineration with energy waste.

Product attributes


Additives can be used to regulate how much friction will generate on the surface of a film. In some cases, the surface must be as slippery as possible whereas non-slip surface is important in other cases.

UV protection

UV protection is absolutely necessary in product packages that will be stored for several months in a place where they will be subject to UV radiation, such as boats and elements. The UV protection component provides several years of UV protection for the film.

Antistatic treatment

Plastic tends to gather static electricity, particularly in the winter. The electricity may cause problems if solvents are to be used or at shrink wrap lines. Furthermore, the static electricity will cause impurities to adhere onto the surface of the film. These problems can be prevented by treating the film with an antistatic agent.

Micro-perforated films

In micro-perforated films, air cannot form bags in packaged products.

Fire resistant treatment

Regular plastic film is highly flammable and burns with a hot flame. A film treated with a fire resistant agent will never catch fire.


The colour of a film can be changed to make it easier to separate packages from each other.