With 50 years of experience in the manufacture of plasticss

Packaging films

Packaging films can be used to protect a variety of industrial products, etc. The width, strength and roll weight depend on the client’s needs and wishes.

Vapour barrier films

A vapour barrier film is an effective means of preventing air leaks and the accumulation of harmful moisture in structural elements. The film has been tinted bluish to make it easier to see.

Shrink films

A shrink film is a heat-shrinkable film that is shrunk around a product so that it forms a tight shield against water, dust and dirt.

Customised films

We manufacture films quickly according to the customer’s measurements.

Plastic films for demanding use

The high-quality polyethylene films we produce are suitable for the various needs of industry, construction and agriculture. Our customers include companies and wholesalers in the packaging industry.

Ecologically, of course

Environmentally responsible operations have been a matter of course for us for a long time. All our products are 100% recyclable and can also be utilized by incineration with energy waste.

Finnish know-how in the third generation

We are family business and we have been operating over 50 years. Our factory is located in the Lahti area.

Efficient and modern factory

The modern plastic film line enables our customers to better the quality of our products and to manufacture more complex products.

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