Customised films

Customised films

We deliver films that are cut-to-length

1.Specify the film width and thickness based on your needs

Customisation will save you time when there is no longer the need to cut the film.

We can manufacture the films at the required size, to the nearest millimetre. The minimum width is 200 mm and maximum width 6,000 mm. The film thickness can be adjusted one hundredth of a millimetre at a time. The minimum thickness is 0.03 mm and maximum thickness 0.4 mm.

2. Select the additional properties you want

The properties of the film can be customised at the manufacturing stage.

UV protection
UV protection is absolutely necessary in product packages that will be stored for several months in a place where they will be subject to UV radiation, such as boats and elements. The UV protection component provides several years of UV protection for the film.

The colour of a film can be changed to make it easier to separate packages from each other.

Antistatic treatment
Plastic tends to gather static electricity, particularly in the winter. The electricity may cause problems if solvents are to be used or at shrink wrap lines. Furthermore, the static electricity will cause impurities to adhere onto the surface of the film. These problems can be prevented by treating the film with an antistatic agent.

Additives can be used to regulate how much friction will generate on the surface of a film. In some cases, the surface must be as slippery as possible whereas non-slip surface is important in other cases.

Fire resistant treatment
Regular plastic film is highly flammable and burns with a hot flame. A film treated with a fire resistant agent will never catch fire.

3. Order the products, fast delivery

We can deliver customised films with a lead time of a couple of days.

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